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    Simply loving this one - El-P and Killer Mike are Run the Jewels, presenting their self-titled track and an amazing Video!

    Video-Credits: The video was animated by Patch Keyes & RUFFMERCY

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    Great visual for CAS` track “Drugs Don’t Work”.

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    Cool Mix of Music of one of my favourite Crews, The Roots. The 2-hour Mix was created by Qool DJ Marv.

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    Nice song: HaLo - Galore.
    The track is produced by Khrysis and appears on HaLo`s debut album Mansa Musa, which will feature Masta Killa.

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    "No Water" is the first single of The Black Opera and their forthcoming album, which will be published on september 30th.

    Productions on the album were made by 14KT, Jansport J, Tall Black Guy and others.

    More information on: www.theblackopera.com/

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    "New York, New York, big city of dreams…"

    Hip Hop became a true global Culture, with a lot of cities worldwide, being typical for certain regional styles or mentioned as Hip Hop-capitals for some reasons. Anyway - throughout all these important cities on this earth, New York is something special and always will stay special to the history and culture of Hip Hop.

    A lot of MCs being from New York, produced and recorded Songs about their city or borough.

    I just wanted to feature a few songs and put a Playlist on Spotify together with HipHop Songs about New York…

    Enjoy and feel free to share!

    (Source: Spotify)

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    … another UK-Track: Scrufizzer - What`s New?

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    L’Orange - Alone (ft. Blu)

    This remarkable hip-hop gem came out last year in November, and somehow managed to remain under my radar until just recently; therefore, I’ve officially added it to my list of “The Best 60 Hip-Hop Songs of 2012" at #8. Alone is the best song off of L’Orange’s mostly instrumental album The Mad Writer. The elegant samples found throughout this song are ingeniously utilized, and fit Blu’s mellow flow to a cue. Blu’s lyrical game is also straight poetry. It’s some of his best writing ever, which is saying a lot given he’s unarguably one of the best lyricists in the game.

    "I do belong in my skin, then again it’s just flesh. I’m 29, I can’t wait to see my daughter make a mess."


    My Song Rating: 9.8 out of 10

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    Great Line-up from the UK: Podgy Figures ft. Scrufizzer, Sweet P, Frostar, J Lynch, Twizzle & Rossi - The Committee

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    What does Hip Hop in Zambia sounds like?

    Good question… until a few weeks ago i just knew about Zambia, that it is somewhere in the south of the African continent and that the capital is the city of Lusaka. I had the opportunity to get to know an extraordinary radio host from Zambia, Atience from HOT 877 FM, who told me a bit about Zambian Hip Hop and so i became curious about Zambian Hip Hop. After I already learned something about Tanzanian Bongo Flavour, a few years ago in my own Hip Hop Radioshow Hip Hop Culture, i wanted to dig a bit deeper…

    So i checked the Internet and found this 2013 published list of Top 10 Hip Hop Emcees/Crews ("ZAMBIA’S 10 HOTTEST EMCEES FOR 2013 SO FAR" by Zed Hip Hop Journal)… after listening to 2-3 artists and their music, not always understanding what they are rapping about - since they mixeenglish with different Zambian languages, depending on where they come from, i got that idea, to use this list and post then chosen songs of those crews/emcess, that are mentioned in that list…

    So - let`s start…

    Number 10 on the list, but the first one to be presented is Klappa Heiz

    Klappa Heiz featuring Chef 187 - Ntoloma

    … next is Jay Rox aka Roxa… and I really like this one - having a real cool vibe and a great visual too!

    Jay Rox featuring Ikko Ace - Kazizi

    … let`s move on - from a fresh underground track to a more commercial approach by an emcee called Rec Rymer. Seems like Auto-Tune is still BIG in Zambia…

    Rec Rymer & Chulu Ackres - Moved On

    … I have to admit, i don`t like Auto-Tune too much, but Rec Rymer has definitely some rhyiming skills. Anyway, let`s get back to some harder styles, explicit lyrics and a great visual. The next artist is called Bobby East…

    Bobby East - Stopilla Sunzu

    … music of the next artist is not so easy to find, since he has a very “general” name for an emcee, called The Lyricist. Now google that! Anyway, i checked the above mentioned Top 10-List, where they mention a special song called “Namayo”, featuring a female singer called Maureen Lupo Lilanda. It turns out to be a really beautiful song with a female singer having a strong voice. There is no video - but the song appears on the Soundcloud-Site of Maureen Lilanda.

    … next one i was not sure about it`s really him, mentioned in that Top 10-List. The name of the MC is Kai and is member of a crew called Juggernaut. Well - i found a few songs of him and if i wouldn`t know better, i would say he is from the US! Anyway - no videos - but a Artist-Facebook page and a profile on Reverbnation. I chose a really cool song called “So easy”, having a fresh and catchy vibe…

    The next artist called Stevo is said to be a very aggressive MC. So - let`s check for something aggressive…

    Stevo - Nilipamutunda

    While looking for the above mentioned videos and artists i noticed, that the next artist was mentioned quite often: Chef 187. So i was curious to listen to some of his music and - WOW - there is this track, almost just in zambian language called Bemba (i beg your pardon if it is not!)… Breat Beat! Grat Voice! And even though i don`t understand him, i feel him having a great flow! By the way - he is number 3 on our Top 10-List!

    Chef 187 featuring Brasco - Sitiliti Music

    Let`s move on to an artist who knows about hip hop history. This MC is called Holstar and presents on “Past, Present and Future” a little insight in his Hip Hop-education on a real nice and fresh Boombap-Beat. Really cool.

    Holstar - Past, Present and Future

    …and here we are - featuring Number 1 of the Top 10-List of Zambian Hip Hop artists of 2013. It`s Mag 44 - said to be able to rap in rap in 3 of the most spoken language: English, Bemba and Nyanja and combining his lyrics with bible verses…

    Mag44 Ft. Pompi & Kenny Roc - Vichani

    Hope you liked this little journey into the world of Zambian Hip Hop… Guess i will dig even deeper and surely present some more of certain artists here on my blog.

    Share if you like it. Thank you!



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